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If you are considering a move with te Tips for moving with teens to Saudi Arabians, try to bring them on the previous discussion. If you end up relocating, they’ll feel that they had something to say, which could make a difference for their new lives.

How do you think teens would react to a moving decision to Saudi Arabia ? Most of the times, parents make main life decisions without bringing their children into the early discussions, announcing the decision when it’s already been made.

Follow these tips and include your kids in the discussion before and after the decision for moving:

  1. Listen to their concerns and try to put yourself in your kid’s shoes.
  2. Create with them a list of pros and cons.
  3. Include them in the research of schools and neighbourhoods.
  4. Travel with them in the preview trip to your new home town.
  5. Do a competition of who can find the coolest new place, restaurant or hobby to do your new location.
  6. Hire the local Internet provider before moving, this way you will have Internet connection up and running before move-in day.
  7. Involve the kids in the decoration decisions of their room.
  8. Make sure you take time to enjoy the “cool stuff” your teens researched.
  9. Enroll them in activities where they can meet other kids with similar interests.
  10. Start saving up and prepare a best-friend visit.

The more involved they are in the decision and process, the more likely everyone is to make a smooth transition.



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