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Moving, especially abroad can be a enormous task as you are expected to plan all aspects of your relocation perfectly as there is little margin for mistakes. There are some important issues to take care of, documents needed and many options to consider as you choose to relocate overseas.

Here we share some tips as you get close to the M-day.

Countdown to your moving day

1. Ensure your important documents like passports & driver licenses are valid.
2. Take some additional copies of the passport and pictures for immigration paperwork.
3. Make sure you have any vaccinations needed in your new destination.
4. Make copies of family medical and dental records
5. Check if your electrical appliances will work in your destination. If not, don’t take them with you.
6. What are you going to do with your car? If you are selling, do this in advance to make good sale. Otherwise, your moving company could either store or ship it for you
7. If you are moving with children, check for kindergartens or schools in your new location
8. If you are moving with pets, check if your mover can organise the transportation, boarding costs and quarantine of your pets.
9. Investigate and select your new bank before departure.
10. Don’t forget to check for a health insurance .

Prepare prompt, prepare well

When the time of packing arrives, put important documents such as passports, medical records, and tickets in your personal luggage so they are not accidentally packed.  Having a week wise plan or schedule can mitigate a lot of last minute stress as the things to be completed before your relocation can be ranked based not only on its importance but also on how long it takes for the service providers to disconnect your utilities.

With a good weekly moving checklist in place, you can make sure that you don’t forget anything important in the hurry of the moving day.

If you are relocating and considering using a professional relocations service click here for a free moving quote and further information on how we can help make your relocation a success.


Tips for your overseas move

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