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Expatriates coming to South Africa to take up employment will require to apply for a work permit. Work permits like the General Work Permit will require the expatriate to provide proof that they have the necessary qualifications or skills needed for the job. These qualifications are evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority. As of the 1st of June 2015, the following changes have taken place at SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority)

First change

There is no more priority options for SAQA. The processing time is now 15 working days and there is a verification process that takes place with each application submitted from now on, whereby if the verification of the qualification is not confirmed by the Educational Institution, the processing time could take longer than 15 working days and the file will be put aside until the Educational Institution can assist the SAQA Department. There may be delays in the process.

Second change

In order for the verification process to take place, we as service provider will require a Release of Information Document completed by the applicant in black pen, signed and dated and emailed to us. This can be one document for all qualifications/ educational institutions.

Third Change

Please also note that SAQA now charges ‘per qualification’ whereas before we could apply for all the qualifications.  Now if there are three qualifications, there is a charge for each qualification, not just one fee now for all.

Fourth Change

As from 1 June 2015 the fees structure will be as outlined below

First qualification: R950

Subsequent qualifications: R520 each

Administrative fee: refunds linked to non-compliant applications R420

Should an Educational Institution charge SAQA a fee for verification, SAQA will pass this cost onto to the applicants. Details per country / institution will be communicated at a later stage.

Please note that in some instances the SAQA applications are couriered to SAQA offices and the applicants are liable for this costs as well.

Please contact our team in South Africa for further information.

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