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A little advice before you plan to relocate to your dream destination can help you Go knowing quite literally. From packing, shipping, home search to even schooling options for your kids, here we try to provide answers to allay and address your relocation pangs.

1. My relocation is planned for a year from now. Is it too early to seek a moving quotation?

A year may surprisingly be the right time you start to research and plan your move. Depending on the place you plan to relocate to, you may need a year or more to receive your visa.
Keep aside plenty of time to research and find a reputed relocation company, arrange for the quotations and finalize your arrangements. It is advisable that you contact a relocation company at least three months in advance to your proposed moving date.

2. I’m worried about packing…

You are not alone as your concerns are similar to a lot of individuals and families who plan for relocation. Packing is no doubt a time consuming task to attend to but if you hire a relocation company, their professional packers ensure your household goods are well protected, packed using the best available materials and techniques and are perfectly safe throughout the process. Check out our packing day tips and the packing materials used for help.

3. Is transit insurance really required while considering relocation?

It is vital to consider that every mode of transport utilized for transferring your goods comes with its own inherent risks whether it is through ship, plane or truck. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask for transit insurance. A transit insurance which features full replacement cost coverage on a door-to-door and all risk basis should be the ideal option. Also enquire for additional protection in event of a mechanical derangement and damage arising out of mold and mildew.

4. How do I know where to stay and how to get around?

Every destination provides a wide range of options to suit your preferences based on your lifestyle and budget. Often visiting online expatriate forums and communities give you that extra bit of information that may prove crucial for your stay in a new location. Some expatriate clubs also help you get a better lowdown on the feel of your new area. Our destination guides should be of immense help to a newbie. It covers all the necessary things you need to know before you arrive.
Additionally, you may want a preview trip of your prospective destination so as to derive useful insights on housing, schooling and lifestyle. However, visiting a place and living there is completely different ball-game. Make sure that you have a detailed agenda worked out before you make the preview trip so that all your specific concerns are laid to rest before you decide for the final plunge.

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