Five top tips for planning an international relocation from Poland

Relocating to a new country can be a stressful experience and needs a lot of planning and research. You can turn your move in to an exciting stress free adventure if you take some time to get prepared before you move. Five top tips for planning an international relocation from Poland

Here are a few important planning tips:

Destination investigation
Discover as much as you can about your new destination before you move. Checking forums and reading blogs are a great way of getting a feel for your new area.  Getting advice from those who have experience of moving can be a good way of learning. Join expat’s groups in Social Media networks living in your new location.

Explore areas of accommodation
Spend time looking at different properties and explore a number of areas before you settle. Ensuring you’re going to be comfortable with your neighbours and the location is important. Research the distance and options to go to work.

Consider the local laws and culture
Learning the local laws and customs for your new country is very important. Never assume that the rules will be the same as in your home country and ensure you consider the culture, traditions and communication style in your new location.

Rent before you buy
Research a number of areas and compare the properties and locations. Don’t speed up into buying the first property you see and research on local protocol so that you understand the process.

Seek expert advice for finances
Managing finances for a move can be complicated, seeking out expert advice is the best way to ensure nothing is missed out. It’s advisable to research any taxes that might be applicable to you in your new country.