Introducing the ultimate on-line education tool for relocating families

“Didn’t that go well?” we hear many parents say … In most countries, summer holidays are over and the new school year has begun.Ultimate on-line education tool for relocating families

The new school year sparks schooling options being researched by parents thinking of relocating. Common areas of concern include the education options available, the curriculum being taught, the local culture and administrative deadlines for entry.

Well parents, look no further! We have partnered with Global Education Explorer (GEE), a provider of on-line information on schools around the world. Not only does the on-line tool allow access to information about education practices, curriculums, cultures, customs and deadlines, it also allows you to do the following:

    •  Compare the educational systems of different countries
    •  Understand and evaluate the academic options in other locations and countries

This is a truly fantastic service, and allows you and your family to “Go knowing”. To read about this tool, please click here or, for a PDF version, please click here.