Moving Quotes - Why should an expert check your home?

In the digital area, we expect immediate and simple solutions.
In the digital area, we expect immediate and simple solutions. If we can have something in one click, why picking up the phone? 
The same applies for our international relocations. We don’t want to be bothered with many questions and prefer receiving a simple and fast answer. In fact, we can currently receive some moving quotes just by email or the phone, however, how accurate are they? Can we really have a reliable quote without a visual check of the things to move made by an expert? What are the risks?

The moving quote

The moving quote is a non-binding estimate of your moving costs.Quotations for domestic moves may include:• Transportation cost• Fuel surcharge (based on current Department of Energy fuel cost)• Origin Service Charge• Destination Service Charge• Packing/unpacking• Packing materials• Preparation of an itemized inventory• Pick up and collect  from your home Quotations for international moves may include:• Supply of all new packing materials• Packing of your household goods and personal effects by trained, experienced packers• Preparation of an itemized inventory• Collection from your home• Crating/containerization and delivery to the terminal• Preparation of all export documentation and all import documentation for the completion of Customs and Agricultural Clearances• Payment of terminal charges• Delivery direct to store/residence within a 50km radius of the destination port• Unpacking and clearance of all waste materials on day of delivery, as required.

The home consultation

To have accurate quotes, it is important that your goods are measured carefully. The cost of your relocation is based on the total weight and volume of your shipment as well as the travel distance between the origin and destination points. The variety of belongings to transport and the diversity of packaging materials required according to each item characteristics, make it advisable that an experienced professional carries out this check. This will allow the company to have more precise data and consequently be able to provide you with more exact quotes. 

The risks of omitting the consultation

Nowadays, it is very tempting to accept estimates over the phone or online. They are easier and more comfortable, however, there is no option of viewing your items. Consequently, the estimates might be inaccurate, minimizing costs and this can end up costing you more, sometimes as much as twice or three times the offer that was signed.  No matter who you relocate with, if your shipment is over the size of the contents of one bedroom, you should have a consultant visit you in your home – either in person or virtual, through a virtual consultation. And even then you should read the fine print and ask questions if anything is unclear. Still questions? Contact our consultants.