Thinking of relocating from Czech Republic to Toronto?

Canada is one of the most developed cities. It’s people, infrastructure, architecture and multicultural culture make it one of the most popular cities to move to.
To help you begin your exciting adventure in Toronto, here are a few key facts:

Where is Toronto situated?
Toronto is settled between the two Great Lakes of Huron and Ontario. These lakes are one of the most characteristic features, and many tourists and expats come to swim, hike, and boat along their shores.

What job opportunities are there in Toronto?
The city is the hub of Canada's working world and home to a number of large banking international institutions. Expats looking for jobs in business and finance,  biotechnology, aerospace, film, media, communications and IT will find this city a great place in which to build their professional career.

How is the architecture? 
The city centre is one of the most densely populated areas in North America and boasts some of the world's most luxurious accommodation options. The famous CN tower can be perceived from all over the city. Canadian’s claim that navigating by the tower will ensure that getting lost is almost impossible, and this can be helpful for newcomers recently arrived in Toronto.

What are the main cultural attractions?
The arts are widely celebrated here, Toronto has more than 50 ballet and dance companies, six opera houses, two symphony orchestras, a number of theatres, open air-Shakespeare and the Toronto International Film Festival.

What is special or unique about this city?
Fortune Magazine designated Toronto as "the best international city for work and family”. The city and its nearby are called the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The city's population numbers are more than 5 million, and its citizens come from places all over the world and from all ethnic cultures. Over 100 different languages can be heard on the streets can be listened on any given day.

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