Tips for relocating with children from Hungary

If you are relocating with children from Hungary, your most important concern will be helping your kids adapt to a move.
While moving to a new country can be a stressful time it can easily be turned in to a fun experience with some careful planning.

Here are a few tips for relocating with children.

Finding the best schools for your children will be a top priority and is key to helping them settle. Make sure you prepare the documents needed to make an application at least 6 months in advance– if you are organised you will be able to ensure your children have a school place secured for when they arrive.
Usually large countries have good international schools, which cater to a variety of different languages and educational backgrounds. 
If possible plan some trips to the country prior to moving and organise to visit schools. You will be able to look around the class room and meet the teachers to discuss any concerns you might have.

Fun activities
Ask your children to write a list of all the activities they want to do in the new area and then scout our where all the fun places are. You can look on google maps for the best parks, zoo’s and amusement parks. You can also identify any clubs they would like to be enrolled in.
You could get some big sheets of paper, materials or old magazines and ask them to create a collage of all the things they can do in the new place.

It’s very important to involve children in the moving process – explain to them that you will be moving and ask them to voice any concerns they might have. If you are looking a houses or comparing areas, show them some photos and ask them what they think.

Keeping in touch
If you give children the opportunity to keep in contact with their friends, it will give them some relaxation that they aren’t completely leaving their life life behind. Encourage them to save contact details for their friends and if possible organise a time in the future where they can meet up.