Why you need to use a professional moving company?

It can be extremely overwhelming moving on your own, without the help of a professionals, and that’s because relocating is an acquired skill.

You wouldn’t try to fix the toilet yourself, or re-wire the electricity (unless you’re specialized in this), however many people still insist on moving without the help of a professional. 

It can be extremely overwhelming moving on your own, without the help of a professionals, and that’s because relocating is an acquired skill. Here at Crown Relocations we have learnt this complex skill of professional moving of over 50 years, and so we know the many reasons why you should use a professional to help you relocate. 

We’ve learnt that the more you know, the more likely your relocation will be a success! So, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should consider using a professional for your next move. 

1. Packing and unpacking  

Many people look at the packing and unpacking process as something anybody can do. However, this is a huge misconception and many people end up learning this the hard way, when they find broken belongings upon arrival or simply waste hours trying to find where things are. When you have a professional mover, they will pack and unpack your belongings according to your instructions, so that everything goes in the correct place. They will also ensure that all belongings are wrapped and packed appropriately to avoid possible breakage.

2. Hiring a truck

When people choose to move without the assistance of a professional mover, the first step is to hire a truck. When do so, you may find yourself on a tight timeline, rushing to get the truck back to its destination in time, or possibly paying overdue fees. It’s common for non-experienced movers to underestimate the time they actually need to move, and some truck hire companies will take advantage of this, with hefty overdue fees. If you choose to move with a professional, you won’t need to worry about either the truck or the fees, because it’s all included.

3. No heavy lifting

Even if you’re extremely fit and may be very proud of your weight lifting at the gym, moving heavy furniture can be a very different manoeuvre for the body. At Crown Relocations, all our movers are trained in the safest and most efficient way to move heavy furniture such as lounges and refrigerators, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Even if you do save a little money moving yourself, it’s likely you’ll spend the same amount or more on physio appointments in the year ahead, so do yourself (and your back) a favour and let the professionals do the job. 

4. Creating positive memories 

When you look back at the experience of moving into your new home, the last thing you want are horrible memories about how tough it was. At Crown Relocations, we believe your first memories at your new home should be positive memories, and that’s why we embrace the move! We take all the hard work out of the move, so you and your family can say goodbye to your old home and hello to your new home with a smile.