What are the items that I should bring with me because they’re not available (or are too expensive) where I am going?
Zurich is a paradise for shoppers with stores catering to every taste and budget. Most international brands can be found in its department stores and delicatessen departments.
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Will anyone have particular trouble finding clothes that fit?
In addition to the city center boutiques, there are numerous shops offering a wide selection of clothing for men, women and children. XXL sizes are not as readily available in Switzerland in general as might be considered normal in other countries, so shops specializing in bigger sizes would be an option (e.g., Ulla Popken).
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What grocery stores do expats in your city shop at?
The retail market is dominated by two supermarket chains, Coop and Migros. Both have supermarkets in nearly every large town and you will find them scattered all around Zurich. Both Migros and Coop carry an assortment of vegetables, meat and dairy products from organic farms, as well as all other normal groceries. The department stores Globus and Jelmoli have popular delicatessens that are much frequented by city dwellers and well worth a visit.
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Where can other household items (such as cleaning materials and home furnishings) be found?
Möbel Pfister, IKEA, Conforama, Interio, Mobitare, Fly, Jumbo (cleaning and home improvement/DIY) are major suppliers of furniture for all types of budgets. Both Coop and Migros have furniture departments in their larger stores. Shopping malls are a good alternative if you wish to do all your shopping under one roof: The Glattt Center (outside of the city center) and Sihlcity (in Kreis 2 in the city) are the most popular and offer a wide range of shops and boutiques.
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What are factors that might affect my shopping habits in this country/city?
An important factor - depending on which country you are relocating from - could be the opening hours. Most shops and department stores open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 6:30 p.m. (Some in the city center close later: 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m.) Sunday is closed for business except in ShopVille at the main railway station where shops are open seven days a week until 8:00 p.m.
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