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Turin is one of the major Italian universities, as well as being the cultural and scientific center of northern Italy. It’s the country's fourth-largest city in terms of population and the third-largest in terms of its economy. It is also the capital of its homonymous province and of the Piedmont region.

Turin is a historic city and has monuments of unique beauty which contribute greatly to the architectural heritage of Italy.

What is special or unique about your city?
Turin is called “the first capital of Italy”, as it was in fact the first capital of the kingdom that brought about Italy’s unification between 1861 and 1865.

What are a newcomer's first impressions of your city?
People are always impressed by the order, elegance and cleanliness of the city, as it was built according to the urban concept of “castrum romano”.

The residents of northern Italy and of Turin in particular are more like Mittel European people than the Mediterranean population.

Are these impressions likely to change?
Not really.

What is the local language?

How easily could I live in this city without knowing this language?
It may be tough to live in Turin without knowing any Italian. We recommend that people coming to live in our city take some Italian language classes.

What are good things to remember in order to avoid offending the other residents of this city?
Not so many things, but avoid using nicknames or referring to stereotypes of Italian people.

How might the local weather affect my daily life?
The weather in northern Italy is quite variable. Expect hot summers and cold winters. In the city, the heat is amplified. In winter it snows quite often, but not so much as to make the roads unsafe or prevent people from traveling around. All in all, we have the typical Italian climate.

Is there anything else I should know about the overall character of your city or its people?
Not really, we are normal people. As Turin is an industrial city, the people who live here come from all over Italy, so there are no particular character traits.

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