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Switzerland, synonymous with neutrality, democracy, chocolate, fondue, skiing, luxury watches, and among other things, yodeling, packs a weighty punch for a relatively small country.

In a country roughly the size of New Jersey and Massachussetts combined, you will find four different languages spoken throughout its 26 cantons, (each of which boasts its own institution and government).  A global financial hub, Switzerland is headquarters to some of the world’s biggest banks and corporations. Home to some of Europe’s wealthiest cities, best ski resorts and biggest lakes, it tops the charts for quality of life.

Moving to Fribourg - Aerial view of Fribourg


The Swiss city of Fribourg is ensconced high upon the Swiss plateau. Straddling the river Sarine, it is the cultural border of French and German...
Moving to Lausanne - Picture in the centre at dusk


Lausanne, with its magnificent Alpine backdrop, hugs the shores of Lake Geneva and gazes across the sparkling waters at French city Les Evians les...
Moving to Nyon - Bridge overlooking Nyon


The delightful town of Nyon is tucked into the shore of Lake Geneva, cradled amidst the vineyards of La Côte roughly halfway between Geneva and...
Moving to Zurich - Zurich flags outside buildings in the centre


Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city is camped at the northeastern tip of Lake Zurich. Among the world's biggest financial centers, the city houses a...

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