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Turkey sits in a unique position within the world and is known as the ‘European Gateway to Asia’ because it straddles two continents — 3% of the country is in Europe and the remaining 97% is in Asia.

With a population of around 72 million people, you’ll find if you move to Turkey that the main cities are full of hustle and bustle. 

In Istanbul, you’ll find things such as driving to be chaotic and disorganized. But once you experience the friendliness and warmth of the Turks, you’ll see another side to the city, one that is also interesting and historical.

Be prepared for distinct seasons when you move here. Winter temperatures can drop to below freezing and snow is not uncommon in Istanbul. However, during the summer, temperatures are likely to be more than 30 degrees, so bring appropriate clothing.

Moving to Turkey - Skyline picture at sunset


Istanbul lies at the very core of Europe’s second-largest metropolitan areas and is Turkey’s economic pulse and its cultural and historical heart...

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