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The Haka dance, roast lamb and even Russell Crowe, all spring to mind when thinking of New Zealand.New Zealand But, have you ever thought more into it? With such beautiful scenery, variety of activities, wildlife and culture, it's easy to visit this country and picture making a life there.

Due to the recent upturn in the New Zealand economy, gross domestic profit is expected to grow 4-4.5% in 2014, with continued increase in 2015 and 2016. As a result,  there is a huge demand for both skilled and unskilled workers across many sectors.

Speaking recently in London, a leading New Zealand economist identified key supporting factors behind the growth.

City rebuild

Christchurch endured several earthquakes three years ago which destroyed so much of the city's infrastructure. In addition to roads and tunnels that need rebuilding, it is predicted that 15,000 homes are currently out-of-action that require remedial work. Between 80-85% of the buildings in the Central Business District (CBD) have been demolished, with an expected regeneration time frame of 20-25 years for redevelopment.


In addition to the aftermath of the earthquakes, construction of new homes is very much required, due to the following reasons:

• A significant housing shortage that was present even prior to the global recession.
• Ensuring all buildings are compliant with regulations, to meet standards that will resist damage from weather and any future earthquakes.

In 2013, this project began with approximately 6,200 homes built.


Since the global economy has picked up, tourism to New Zealand has also. In 2013, there was a 20% increase in tourism spend by UK and U.S. citizens.

Australia's economy

The Australian economy has slowed down over the last year, and therefore, the amount of migration there has decreased. New Zealanders are remaining in their home country and other migrants are choosing New Zealand instead of a life down under.

So, if you ever wanted to move to New Zealand, this could be the time to start researching your opportunities. For those of you already on your way or planning your relocation, just click on the link for some tips to help you get settled-in.

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