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If you are planning to relocate to Canada, finding a job will be your main concern. The positive news is you shouldn’t find it too hard as Canada has a strong economy and natural resource industry which means there are good employment opportunities for expats.
How quickly you can find a job will depend on different factor such as: your qualifications, skills and the type of work you want. Here are some tips to help you find your job: Seeking for your dream job in Canada

Employment research
The best way to find a job is to start the research and application before arriving in Canada. Canadian companies often seek employees internationally at large recruitment exhibitions and events across the globe. One good way could be, looking on the Working Abroad website to find details for future events. The Working Abroad jobs board is regularly being updated with jobs opportunities from employers and recruiters looking to sponsor individuals wishing to move here.
You can also contact your local branch of global recruitment agencies such as Michael Page,  Adecco, or Hays as each of them have offices across the world and will be able to help you.

Compulsory training
Health and safety laws require that workers in certain professions (including Hospitality & Construction) go through compulsory basic training and become certified to be eligible for employment in these areas. Being proficient in English and French are important for finding employment.

Certificates recognition
It is beneficial to get your qualifications formally recognised by the relevant authority in Canada, improving your chance of gaining employment in your profession or trade.
If you have trade qualifications in areas such as engineering, construction, metalwork, electrical or catering, the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) can advise you on how those qualifications can be recognised.

Tertiary qualification
If you are looking for work in a professional occupation, you will probably need to get your tertiary qualification formally recognised as well. You may find that your current qualification may translate straight into the Canadian workforce, it's best to visit the CICIC website to confirm if your qualifications are recognised in Canada.


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