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Relocating abroad can be an exciting adventure but planning a move isn’t always easy. Expats who research the main things before relocating about their new destination are more likely to experience a stress free move and are able to settle without less difficulty. Some tips for moving to Singapore for expats

Rent is expensive
Because land and space are in such high demand, rent in Singapore is very expensive. Expect to pay more for a place closer to the city centre, Orchard Road, Holland Village, and other desirable neighbourhoods. Expats willing to move away from the city centre will find some more affordable options. Take this into consideration to plan your budget.

Housing in Singapore
Most of the housing in Singapore comes in a high-rise apartment or condo form. For those who haven’t lived in a tall story building before it can take a while to adapt. Having a back garden in Singapore is a luxury but there are plenty of green spaces and parks around the island to make up for it.

Commuting in Singapore
Singapore might be a small country, but its road network and transportation system are efficient. The buses are frequent and there is a large rail network, known as MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).
Public transportation is really cheap and more train lines are expected to be built, making all parts of the island easily accessible. Cabs are also affordable and there are plenty around the city.

Cars are expensive
Owning a car in Singapore can be expensive. Car owners must pay for a Certificate of Entitlement, customs duties, taxes and insurance fees. A car in Singapore costs almost double what it would be in Europe. On top of that, tolls, known as ERP (Electronic Road Pricing), charge drivers for using roads during peak hours. Drivers In Singapore must pay for parking in most public venues.


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