How to overcome homesickness as an expat

Many expats face homesickness. It is a type of separation concern and you might feel it when something reminds you of home. It can be a flavour of homemade food, a familiar voice,  a song, or anything that brings back memories. Homesickness may occur at any time, and disappears only with time.

Homesickness will probably come and go and it will be there when you least expect it. But there are a few steps that can help you overcome this feeling.

Make yourself at home.

Don’t simply move into your new apartment. Get some additional decorations to create a comfortable environment to feel at home. Make it comfortable and cozy by decorating it in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Get to know your new area.

Check for a nice park to go with your children, or to take your dog for a walk. Find a relaxed and tasty restaurant where you can eat and disconnect. Create new routines which will become a part of your life. Talk to your neighbours, some of them can become friends.

Be open minded.

Homesick expats tend to be a bit negative about their new environment, focusing mostly on aspects that they cannot adapt to. Instead, try to  find positive things of your new situation. Try to find your favorite spot for ultimate relaxation and evasion. Make it your new ritual. At the end, you will feel at home, and you might even miss those moments if you do return home!

Keep in touch with your family and friends back home.

Technology gives you the opportunity to stay in contact with their family back home easily. You will feel closer to your home and you will be informed of any new interesting updates. You will also be able to share your new experiences and feelings. But don’t forget to leave some time for you as well, to make new friends and new memories in your host country.

Take active part in your new community.

Pick your area of interest to collaborate through volunteering or providing any kind of help. Even helping your neighbour to paint the fence can make you feel better!. No matter what you interests are, being able to collaborate in your new community will make you feel good and less lonely.

And remember, there is nothing wrong in having more than one home. It is possible to feel at home in different locations. Remember that a house doesn’t make a home, but people, family and friends do.

If you need help during your relocation or during your settling in don’t hesitate contact our local experts.