Perth Accommodation

What are the top factors to keep in mind when searching for a place to live in your city?
When searching for a place to live, some important factors to consider are safety, location preference and individual needs. Depending on your preferences, you may want to find somewhere close to a school, church, transportation, shops, medical facilities, work and, most importantly, an area that is secure and safe. Choosing the right place to live is essential to having a pleasant and safe stay in Perth.
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What are the most popular neighborhoods in your city for expats?
The residential areas of Perth are widely diverse; each area offers a wide variety of accommodation styles. Expats tend to prefer those areas that are near either the river or the ocean. Particularly popular areas include: Rossmoyne (noted for excellent schools), Cottesloe (near the beach and well established), Dalkeith (older-style homes near the city) and Applecross (with river views and newer-style homes).

Do expats tend to buy or rent their homes?
Typically, expats opt to rent. If you are interested in purchasing a property, however, please consult the Foreign Investment Review Board in Canberra to check current regulations.

Typically, will I be required to pay additional money up front (such as a deposit) before moving into leased housing? If so, how much is common?
In Perth, you would pay the following charges upfront upon approval of your rental application; A security deposit, commonly called a bond, equal to 4 weeks' rent (refundable at the end of lease), and two weeks' rent in advance (of which one week may have already been required to be paid as a holding/application fee with the rental application).

Are utilities generally included in the price of rent, or are they extra?
The tenant will be responsible for paying the electricity, gas and telephone charges. These are normally billed quarterly through the relevant utilities company. Water usage is normally invoiced by and paid to the managing agents..

Are there special security concerns I should be aware of in regards to my home or choice of neighborhood?
The majority of Perth suburbs are reasonably secure, but most people opt to purchase contents insurance, simply for peace of mind.

I’m not sure if I should bring my appliances. What is the electric current, Hz and plug shape in your city?
The electric current for Australia is 230/250 volts. The electrical Hertz (Hz) is 50 cycles per second, which is compatible with UK appliances. Standard plugs have three flat pins (Australian pattern) and lamp fittings are of the bayonet type. Television and video communications operate on PAL color, System B.Type I plug

Do you have any other accommodation information that might help me?
The majority of Perth rental properties are unfurnished, but, in popular areas, fully furnished properties are available.
Helpful property terminology:
  • House - free-standing property
  • Duplex - semi-detached property
  • Unit - small complex
  • Townhouse - two-story unit
  • Apartment - usually in a high-rise complex