The best places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is an exhilarating city with a fascinating culture and history that appeals to the young and the old. There is a large international community that continues to grow as expats see the benefits of the good economy, infrastructure and diversity.

If you are planning to relocate here is a run-down of the best places to visit.

  1. Imperial Palace
    The magnificent royal palace is one of the most famous buildings in Tokyo and home to the current King. It has wonderful gardens that are open to the public.
  2. Tokyo Tower
    The super high tower is the perfect place to take in views of the city as it rises 1,091 feet (332m) into the sky. This architectural masterpiece was modelled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris but boasts an impressive four-story-high Foot Town at the base.
  3. Yasukuni Shrine
    Built to honor the 2.5 million Japanese who perished in conflict, mostly in World War II, the Worship Hall itself is a simple Shinto-style building. To the north of the shrine is the Yushukan Museum, which features interesting artefacts like the human torpedo and a kamikaze suicide attack plane.
  4. Edo-Tokyo Museum
    The museum is a good place to learn Tokyo’s history, art, culture and architecture. It has fun displays, including a replica of an ancient Kabuki theatre, as well as various maps and old photographs.
  5. Akihabara
    If you are looking for an electronic wonderland, look no further. Akihabara has bargains, cutting-edge innovation and expat advice. It’s an essential attraction even if only window shopping.
  6. Senso-ji Temple
    Tokyo’s oldest temple, Senso-ji, was built in 628 AD and still attracts thousands of visitors each year. Various festivals take place there each year and the summer fireworks display is widely known.


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