What do customers have to say about Crown Relocations

International relocation is an exciting – often daunting – prospect. With a hundred things to do and a thousand things to think about, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Paul & Lindsey are making a potentially frustrating relocation process as painless as possible with the Crown Relocations on their side.
"But we always come back to Crown."
 - Paul & Lindsey Collett  

Video Transcription

So I’m Paul. Paul Collett. I'm from the Lake District in England. I'm Lindsay. And I love these. These are. This. Imagine painting with these things. You know, what do you think. Aren’t they gorgeous? Been kind of traveling all my life, working overseas quite a lot. 

We seem to be keep coming back to Malaysia for some reason. KL, always KL. So this painting, Lindsay bought, it from a local artist in KL. It's traveling with us around the world. It's so colorful. It brightens up the room wherever we are. 

Yeah. And all this time we've been using a few different packing companies or relocation company, but we always come back to Crown. Okay. The reason why I wanted this apartment was this room. This is, was my dressing room. 

I even had a girl's room for wine one day and we just went to stood here. I just love it. And I'm going to miss this terribly. A little piece of heaven that girls should be allowed. What we like about Crown is the fact that in all the cases for us, there's always been an office at both ends. 

So you've got this seamless move where you're talking to people in same company. It's not like some moving companies. They'll have an agent in the destination country who really doesn't know you and there's no continuity. 

And that we've had a couple of bad experiences with that. But not crown. No, not with Crown. Crown is answerable all the way. So it's great to have that assurance from them that they're going to sort of make your move a success.