How close-knit is the expat community in this area? How do I get involved with it?

There stands a very good chance that other residents in your neighborhood are expatriates themselves. However, a good way to get involved and meet people is to join one of the local groups, including international clubs (if available) such as the French Club, German Club or American Club.
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Beside expat groups, what is the best way to make social connections outside of work?

There are numerous professional associations that accept new members for a nominal annual fee. These associations provide networking opportunities and are a great way to meet new people whether they are Edmonton natives or fellow expatriates. Additionally, it is common for professional associations to hold monthly meetings that include a networking session, dinner and guest speakers. If you are unsure about the organization, simply contact them and they can probably arrange for you to meet with some of the members before you decide to join.

The community in which you choose to reside in may also have its own community social club that gathers on a regular basis for meetings, events, outings and even neighborhood festivals. You and your accompanying partner can also contribute to the decision-making process in your community by sending Edmonton City Hall/Council comments on projects, attending public meetings, participating in public events and joining community programs.

Alternatively, charity and non-profit organizations are always on the lookout for volunteers and this is a wonderful way to meet people. You will see that most locals in Edmonton are very easy-going and friendly. Visiting the city's various spas, nightclubs, bars and restaurants is another option.
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Where can I meet other singles in this city?

Some of the best places to meet other singles in the city include art centers, bars, comedy clubs, dance clubs, community and ethnic dances, film festivals, music halls and concerts, piano lounges/bars, sporting events, festivals, museums and amusement parks. Also, you might meet others at places you would least expect—such as shopping centers and even on your commute to work!

There are also numerous dating services and social clubs available for singles. These are located in the telephone book, local newspapers (in the classified section), television and radio advertisements and on-line.
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Are there any unique networking opportunities for accompanying partners?

Partners can also get to know locals in the community by joining a group or volunteering their time to a local organization and/or charity. This is a great way to get out there, be involved and meet new people.
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