Planning your move abroad

Before any big move abroad make sure that you have planned for every eventuality:

Check your documentation

Make sure that everything you need is up to date, especially your passports. You will also need to look into any visas or permits you’ll need to enter the country. Also you will need to complete any immigration paperwork and health clearances required. Visit the embassy of the country you would like to relocate to or look on their website to find out what requirements are needed.

Consider your financial standing

You really think about the cost of the immigration as well as the move itself. Really consider if you can realistically move where you will be in a financially stable position when you arrive. If you need to save a little while longer, your new life will still be waiting for you. Waiting simply means you can enjoy your new life comfortably and without any unneccessary stress. 

Seriously consider what you really need to take

Cut down your collection of household items and luxury products. Shipping your goods is based on volume and your suitcases can only fit so much. Cutting out the non-essentials will save you a lot of money and hassle. Remember there are always shops where you move to, so if you do throw away anything you shouldn’t have you can always repurchase.

Think of your health

Even if you don’t have any health concerns it is a good idea to research what the health care system will be like and what your health insurance will cover you for. If you currently have health insurance, you may need a new policy. Before you move make sure that you know your families health will be taken care of.