Planning to relocate? Cut down your expenses with these tips!

Relocating abroad to a new country is an exciting experience, but the cost that comes along with it can be quite overwhelming. Getting your current property rented out or sold, finding the ideal home in your new destination and looking for a suitable moving company to manage your move are just a few examples of things that would require you to fork out money. To help ease things, below are a few tips on how you could save some cash while planning your move:


We all sometimes have the habit of hoarding one too many things thinking we might actually need it in the future, or because of sentimental reasons. Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of belongings you don’t need Marie Kondo style! Re-evaluate if you really need or want to keep the items in your home as it would incur a higher cost to move them with you. A few things to consider and help with the process, ask yourself:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. When did I last use this?
  3. How often do I use this?
  4. Is this a rare item to find?

Avoid peak seasons

There are certain periods in a year such as holiday and festive seasons that are more expensive for moving abroad. Do your research to find out the most affordable times to relocate. Planning your move during Christmas or Chinese New Year, for example, will definitely incur higher expenses as these are peak seasons for people to move. If you can, try to avoid these periods for a more affordable move.

Arrange utility cut-off dates

Once you have your move date confirmed, keep in mind to check in with your utilities provider to properly schedule the cut-off dates. Utility bills take up a huge percentage of our monthly expenses, so plan it well to avoid paying an additional cost unnecessarily.

Explore your new city

When settled in your new home, take the time to explore the city and your local neighbourhood. Find out where to buy groceries at a cheaper price or which restaurants to go to for a value meal. Getting to know the locals will also help to speed up your research as they will have the best knowledge on the city you have relocated to.

With a few simple hacks, relocating shouldn’t need to be such a costly process. Just remember that a little planning goes a long way! If you require more guidance on managing your move, get in touch with our expert consultants at +65 6861 6818 or for more information on our relocation services.