Getting to know our team: Rutger Geerts

 We spoke to our Sales Consultant, Rutger Geerts about his experience working for Crown Relocations and his top tips to help you plan your next international move.   

How long have you been working for Crown Relocations? 

I am still relatively fresh at Crown: I joined the company in September 2020

Have you moved internationally yourself? 

Yes, in the summer of 2016 I moved from the Netherlands to Prague.

What lessons did you discover from your own move? 

An international move has a huge impact on somebody's life. With so many uncertainties, I know first-hand relocating can be stressful. That is why I like working for Crown Relocations – our work is really important in making sure our customers start their next move with ease. Personally, I was very lucky: I met my fiancé during the first month after relocating and Prague is an amazing city to live in.

What advice would you give to someone planning their first international move?

Use a checklist and start planning on time. 

How long have you lived in the Prague? 

I have lived in Prague since 2016. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Since the gyms have been closed for several months due to the pandemic, I recently bought a spinning bike, which I use a few times a week. I am also the very proud father of a 1-month-old baby. Besides that, I enjoy some Netflix, reading and I look forward to traveling again. 

Can you explain more about your role at Crown? 

I focus on understanding the needs and expectations of my customers. After collecting all the info I need, I will build a personalized offer for their upcoming move. My job is to make sure our customers understand the proposal that’s been put together, with the ultimate goal of choosing Crown over our competitors.  

What do you enjoy most about your role at Crown? 

At Crown Relocations, we focus on delivering an excellent level of service. When I am able to showcase the benefits of our service and my customers decide to use Crown Relocations, I feel satisfied.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

If I need to pick one highlight, I would say giving a presentation to the whole company of my last employer.

What has been your favourite move to support? 

In general, I like the big, complicated moves. I enjoy using my problem solving skills and coming up with solutions to keep our customers satisfied. 

What was the most challenging move and how did you overcome them? 

Occasionally it happens that a customer asks for a multiple-scenario quote. I recently booked a move from a person that wanted a shipment from Copenhagen to Italy, where he is currently looking to buy a house. However, if he doesn’t succeed with that, he will move to New York. Also, a part of his inventory is currently in storage, so from a logistics perspective, the move was quite challenging.