What are the items that I should bring with me because they’re not available (or are too expensive) where I am going?
Any special medicines that are uncommon to find. Any specific packaged food item.
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Will anyone have particular trouble finding clothes that fit?
This shouldn't be a problem because clothes are available all over in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, tailors are inexpensive and very good
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What grocery stores do expats in your city shop at?
All residential areas have a market where you can buy groceries. Some expats employ domestic staff to do the shopping for them because they know their way around the local markets.

Department stores sell (almost) everything, from ready-made gourmet dishes to cosmetics, clothing, furniture and other household items. Some of the stores include: Gourmet Bazar, Shwapno, Agora, Meena Bazaar and Pick & Pay.
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Where can other household items (such as cleaning materials and home furnishings) be found?
All cleaning products and home furnishings can be found at all super marts in local areas
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What are factors that might affect my shopping habits in this country/city?
You may sometimes not find the brands that you are used to back home. However, most well-known brands are available in Dhaka. Foreign packaged food items are not widely available. If one is used to a specific kind of packaged food item the possibility is that it will be hard to find or expensive.
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