What are the items that I should bring with me because they’re not available (or are too expensive) where I am going?
As progressive and diverse as the country is, it is highly likely that you will find the things you want. It is difficult to know ahead of time whether or not you will find all that you want. Please note that there are restrictions on importing certain items into Botswana, so it is advisable to check before attempting to bring them with you.
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Will anyone have particular trouble finding clothes that fit?
No, as with any other shopping experience, Botswana's many clothing stores cater to all shapes, sizes, and tastes.
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What grocery stores do expats in your city shop at?
Most neighborhood shopping centers will have Choppies, Pick 'n Pay or Checkers, which are the main supermarket chains. You may also find Woolworths, which carries a smaller, but more exclusive range. SPAR supermarkets and mini supermarkets are found in even the smallest suburban shopping centers. Fruit and vegetable stores also carry basic food items.
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Where can other household items (such as cleaning materials and home furnishings) be found?
Supermarkets carry a full range of household cleaning materials, and there are several specialist stores for home furnishings and furniture.
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What are factors that might affect my shopping habits in this country/city?
Shopping hours do vary slightly, depending on whether the shop is located in a mall or a shopping center. Hours are generally from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday, and 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on Saturday, with some stores staying open later. Extended shopping hours apply for pre-Christmas shopping. Most of the stores in the shopping malls and larger shopping centers are open till 2.00 p.m. on Sundays. Opening times vary slightly from place to place. Check with the store regarding their business hours. Food outlets tend to open slightly earlier.

The greater Gaborone area boasts three big shopping malls, the largest two being Game City and Airport Junction (opened May 2012). Other centers include Riverwalk, Rail Park Mall, Main Mall, Sebeli Mall, Molapo Crossing and Mowana Park. There is plenty of open-air parking. These malls house many varied stores, restaurants and cinemas within large, clean and well-serviced structures.

The main supermarket chains are Choppies, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers and Payless, with Woolworths selling a smaller but more exclusive range of items. Sefelana is available for bulk purchases.
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