Planning a move? Moving hacks that you must know

Are you relocating soon? With a hundred things to do and a thousand things to think about, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Whether you’re moving for work, with the family, or planning a happy retirement, check out our best “Relocation Hacks” designed to help make the process of moving smoother and easier for everyone, including for your kids!

Travel with ease

  • Never lose your change of address list, type it up on your phone before you move, and you’ll always have it with you.
  • Get a head start on your international relocation. Use expatriate forums to learn from others, or even better visit the new country in advance. Go knowing so you can start living faster.
  • Prepare your health cover before you go. Speak to an expert about whether you’ll need health insurance and get it sorted before you move. One less thing to worry about doing when you get there.
  • Ensure your pets can come with you. Check destination regulations early. There is a lot of rule variation and find out how best to care for them during the move. After all a pet is part of the family too! A trusted pet relocation partner can help you out.
  • Prevent accidents by wrapping up your kitchen knives and other sharp implements in tea towels and securing them with a rubber band. It will also help to keep kitchen items together (make sure they're not considered weapons at destination though!) 
  • Make sure you know what you’ve packed and where. Take a photo of the contents of each box; if you need to find something later, there’ll be no frustrated digging.
  • Keep your strength up. Put together a cooler bag of snacks and drinks and keep it close while you travel. You might also appreciate it if you arrive at your new home when the shops are closed.
  • Help the environment while planning. Measure your carbon footprint, join a tree-planting scheme and look for volunteering events when you arrive. Help make your new home beautiful in the process!

Moving with children

  • Include the kids when making plans for the relocation, and find a friend or family member to keep them entertained on move day. Thailand has everything from country parks, beaches to trampoline parks and ice skating rinks. You’ll all be happier.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones. Before you move ensure you’re connected on social media. Practice video calling or set up a family WhatsApp/WeChat group and make it feel like they are moving with you.
  • Prepare your children. Encourage them to search for local activities and places to eat. Plan your first family weekend, giving you all something to look forward to.
  • Protect precious memories. Spend a spare evening backing up important files or pictures on a USB stick or cloud-based storage system. Frame some new ones when you get there as an added benefit!
  • Keep the kids happy on move day. Make a “moving package” for them. Include favourite toys, books and snacks, and a world map to help them plot the journey ahead. It will keep them entertained.
  • Keep the kids occupies on a long-haul flight. Buy a portable power bank and make sure it’s fully charged so they'll have all their electronic devices for the whole flight. Buying you some peace and quiet in the process too.
  • Create treasured memories for your kids. Take a photo of your old rooms. It’ll help you say goodbye, provide comfort, and help you to see how your stuff should be set out in your new place.
These hacks draw upon an incredible wealth of internal expertise to reduce your moving stress. Want to discuss more on settling in a new home? Chat with us using the Live Chat function or call us now.