Expat interview: Francisco, from Argentina to Italy

Have you ever thought about crossing the Atlantic and start a new life in another country? You are not the only one! Francisco, an Argentinian who has spent the last years in the south of Europe, did it and he is extremely happy with his decision. We have talked with about how it is to leave his home country and to adjust to a new culture. 

Francisco, why did you leave Argentina?

I wanted to see the world. Experience new cultures. I don’t know how to explain it but Argentina started to feel smaller and smaller.

A lot of expats suffer from what it is called “the cultural shock”. Have you experienced any cultural shock in your last move?

Despite having been in Italy before for tourism and the similarity between the Argentinian and the Italian cultures, I have to admit that I have suffered from a small cultural shock. Actually, I think that many times cultural shock is underestimated in really similar cultures. Personally, I found communication a bit challenging. Italians have a formal style, with a lot of rules and ornaments to the message. Spanish style is more direct and to the point. Also non-verbal communication is important to learn. Identifying the body language, the expressions and gestures also help in the cultural adaptation. 

What do you like the most of living in another culture?

I love new experiences. Having the opportunity to visit spectacular locations, trying new food and meeting incredible people. 

What has surprised you the most of living, in your case, in Italy?

The creativity of the Italians , the addition of special touches are remarkable.

Francisco, you have already experienced two relocations. Could you give some tips to future expatriates?

To prepare in advance and have patience will help. It is also very important to keep in mind at all times that things most probably won’t be the same or work the same way than in the place you are coming from, so be open minded and ready to learn.

Last but not least, are you planning to live in a new place in the future? 

Not planning but yes thinking about what my next destination could be. I am not a fan of routine, and I do love change. Doing new things, starting new activities, visiting new places, getting to know new people. The world is so big and different, there is so much to see that I can’t imagine staying the rest of my life in one place