Tips for relocating during the coldest months

Are you going to relocate during the winter? Or maybe you will be moving next summer but towards the southern hemisphere? If you come from a place such as Turkey, with mild weather, adjusting to the new climate and preparing your new home for the low temperatures can take some time. Here some ideas to speed up this process and face the winter months with a pleasant smile.
1. First and foremost, keep the right body temperature
When you are in a cold environment, the most important thing to pay attention is your body temperature. If you have just arrived in your new home and it is winter, it is highly likely that inside your house is at least cold, if not freezing. Depending on the size and the type of heater system that you have, it might take hours to reach a comfortable temperature. 
Good news is that your body can probably adjust to temperature changes much faster than your new home. Therefore, don’t forget to place some extra and warm homewear in your hand luggage to wear during the first days until your home is well-heated and you are well-adjusted to the weather. Adding extra layers of clothes is a quick, fast and eco-friendly solution to fight the cold environment!
2. Isolate your home from outside
To maintain a good temperature inside your new home and to avoid wasting energy, it is important to isolate your home as much as you can from the cold climate. Hence, it is important that:
- Check if you have double glass in your windows and place thick curtains to isolate them from the cold air coming from outside.
- Cover the holes under your doors: Sometimes the distance between the floor and your door is too wide and air can come inside. Try to cover the doors, so the warm air from the rooms cannot escape through the door cracks.
- Furnish the exterior walls: A good way to isolate your home better from the cold temperatures is to place big furniture items in front of the exterior walls. For example, you can place a big bookcase covering all the wall. Like this, you are adding an extra layer of protection between the cold weather from outside and the warm room temperature. 
3. It’s backing time!
Have you noticed that during the winter period we prefer to eat cakes, cookies and other sweets? These sweets are more than welcomed during the winter period because our bodies need extra calories to keep themselves warm. 
Why not taking advantage of this and cook some cakes in your kitchen? The oven is one of the most important electrical devices in our homes and unfortunately, uses a big amount of energy. The good thing is that when we switch on the oven, it tends to heat not only the food inside the oven but the whole kitchen. Who has not noticed the temperature difference when they move from the kitchen to living room in winter?