At the crossroads of Italy, Germany and France, huddled over the Rhine, lies Basel, Switzerland’s third-largest city.

Some 32.3% of its residents are foreigners, attracted by the city’s unique concentration of innovative companies, research institutes and academic institutions. It is also one of the most important trade fair and congress centers in Switzerland. This predominantly German-speaking city is as family-friendly as it is business-friendly. Its sumptuous standard of living, mild climate and reputation for being safe and clean, make it an easy place in which to work and live.

Residential areas range from hip and trendy to quiet and tasteful. Restricted car traffic in residential areas has created a safe haven for children and public parks and playgrounds are in abundance. As for places to settle, with suburbs camped in German, Italy and France, you have the pick of three worlds.

Kleinbasel is becoming increasingly popular among international families. Elsewhere, Riehen, a Basel suburb, was recently dubbed the sweetest spot to live in Switzerland by Idheap, (the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration), with Zug, a tax and holding paradise, and the eastern Swiss city of St Gallen, ranking second and third.

A liberal scattering of theaters, galleries and museums, and the world’s oldest art collection on offer, make Basel a cultural cornucopia. Its award-winning theaters, such as the Theatre Basel, and its wonderful medieval festivals are also a huge draw. The charm of the medieval Old Town on the South/West bank will not be lost on you. One of the best-preserved and beautiful historic city centers in Europe, buildings dating back to the 15th century are on almost every corner. Here and in surrounding districts, lies Greater Basel (Grossbasel) where you’ll find the business districts, upmarket retailers and Basel’s best nightlife. Basel is a compact city with an excellent transport network and a bar or café on nearly every corner. With the EuroAirport in easy striking distance no matter where you are, most European cities are within two hours' travel time.