Los Angeles, CA

Home to the Hollywood dream factory is Los Angeles, 'Creative Capital of the World’. Here in the City of Angels, roughly one-in-six residents work as an artist, dancer, writer, filmmaker, or actor.

This southern Californian trade, finance, technology culture and fashion hub has been ranked the third-richest city and fifth most powerful and influential city in the world. It is also the second-most populous state in the US.

Spread across more than 80 city districts, L.A. is a vast, sprawling network of diverse neighborhoods. Locals advise that you live near to where you work, or where your friends live so that you can really tap into the local community flavor.

Despite is behemoth size, L.A., unlike other US mega cities (such as Houston), is pedestrian-friendly. It has many neighborhoods in which you can walk to get your groceries, browse through independent boutiques or stroll down to the café/ bar/restaurant after work.

If you crave the ocean breeze, head for Santa Monica or Venice Beach. Great areas for families include West L.A, Brentwood, Miracle Mile and the Valley, while young professionals might opt for the hip and trendy East side’s Silver Lake and Echo Park.

The city’s geography has made it prone to many things, most notably earthquakes and air pollution. The recent passage of the Clean Air Act and the state of California’s decision to mandate low emissions vehicles such as hybrid and electric cars are a breath of fresh air for those living in the city. Indeed, they are the first among a host of measures designed to mitigate and reverse the impact of L.A’s auto-centric city planning.