Getting to know our team, Sanaa Rejeb

We spoke to our Residential Consultant, Sanaa Rejeb about her experience working for Crown Relocations and her top tips to help you plan your next international move.

How long have you been working for Crown Relocations?

I have been working for Crown for seven years now; four years at the Paris office in the World Mobility division and three years in Dubai where I am now a sales consultant for Crown Relocations. Both roles and locations have offered me a different experience that I have enjoyed greatly. 

Have you moved internationally yourself?

My first international move was from France to the UAE for my current role.

What lessons did you discover from your own move?

I learned that the immigration and settling in process can be long and stressful. Being supported and guided by your relocation company for those important steps is so important and can make a big difference on your overall experience of the move. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to dance salsa, I have been dancing salsa for seven years now. I also enjoy hiking and spending time with my friends at the beach. Of course this was all pre-pandemic but hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get back to it!

Can you explain more about you role as a Residential Consultant?

One of the main aspects of my role is to understand in which context the move is happening; no two moves are the same just like no two people share the same experiences. Understanding my customers needs and expectations is key.  
The next step is to physically meet the customers in their home. To assess the volume of what they would like to ship and discuss the needs and requirements of their move. After that I work on a tailored quote for their move and liaise with the customer until the move is booked. For this role you need many skills, to be a problem solver, technical minded and have communication skills. You also need to like people!

Is there any change in your role due to COVID?

We had to find ways to adapt to the new environment; wearing a mask on visits, carrying sanitizers etc. It also means that we have to lean into problem solving skills. We have to be very responsive and aware of what’s going on in the world. This is a stressful time for many of our customers and they rely on us to be aware and reliable.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Crown?

I love to be on the field and meet my customers face to face, it is an incredible and rich experience.
I also enjoy the flexibility of my role. I am very independent and able to make my own decisions to best support my customers with the trust of my management. 

What has been your favourite move to work on or a move that has stood out for you?

This move happened in the summer of 2019 in Dubai. I assisted a family moving from Dubai to Lebanon after more than 20 years in the UAE. They were planning to start a new adventure and open an art gallery in the capital. They originally moved with Crown in the early 2000’s, so almost 20 years ago and they trusted us again with their move. I was really excited to help them realising their dream and show them they could still rely on Crown to support them.

What was the most challenging and how did you overcome the challenges?

Well to go back to the example I have just described, that move was quite challenging because they had a lot of art works to move along with their household goods.  I had to get a global view of the service and treat the household goods and fine art as one shipment. I was able to do this with the collaboration of Fine Art division which specialises in art logistics services. I worked with our fine art manager to deliver a specialised offer to the customer that would cover all their needs from specialised materials, to the necessary handling of their collection. 

Our main aim was to make things simpler for the customer. I really was so proud of that move because the customer was so happy that they agreed to share their moving story with us in an interview. This was the most challenging move I had to deal with, but it was also one of the best.
Crown Relocations consultant Sanaa Rejeb