What are the items that I should bring with me because they’re not available (or are too expensive) where I am going?

This is dependent on the country you are coming from. Please be aware there are restrictions on foodstuffs brought into the UK so we advise against importing such items.
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Will anyone have particular trouble finding clothes that fit?

No, the UK’s shopping allows for a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are looking for clothes or shoes, sizing will vary depending on which stores you visit and which brands you purchase.
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What grocery stores do expats in your city shop at?

The most common grocery stores are Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Cooperative.
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Where can other household items (such as cleaning materials and home furnishings) be found?

These are readily available at the supermarkets mentioned above and specialist home furnishing stores.
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What are factors that might affect my shopping habits in this country/city?

Beware of parking restrictions while you are shopping. Otherwise, you will find there is a great deal of choice for shopping, with department stores, shopping malls, a wide range of specialist stores, and ‘high street’ shops for fashion.

The Arndale Centre is a very large shopping mall and most of the major stores are located within it. The area around Deansgate, King Street, St Ann’s Square and the Barton Arcade are popular for top name high-fashion stores. Just outside the city is the Trafford Centre, an enormous mall that could keep you happy all day!
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