Joining family

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    Wherever they are, it’s always home

    Are you after more than the annual family reunion?

    If you’re thinking of joining your family overseas, check rules and restrictions of the country before committing to anything. The answer usually hinges on the relationship between you and the family member.

    Some countries allow any family member to ‘sponsor’ your entry, making your move even easier.

    For example if you want to move to the US you'll need to have a relationship with a spouse, minor child, parent, step-parent, step-child or a spouse of someone deceased, any of whom must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. Unfortunately, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws and cousins cannot sponsor a relative for immigration.

    In Australia too, children, parents and other family members may apply for migration to join their Australian citizen or permanent resident family members. There are various categories from partner migration to parent migration.

    If you would like to join family members in Canada you are also in luck. You're entitled to ask for sponsorship for entry into the second largest country in the world.

    Entry requirements are subject to frequent change– get the facts from the embassy of your preferred country or check government sites online.