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    The big worries are always finance, health and, er... Marmite.

    Wherever you go, it’s important to realise that you may not be able to get what you can at home.
    It’s time to finally kick back and relax to enjoy your retirement. Whether you want to retire by the beach to enjoy sunnier climes, in the mountains for a more relaxed lifestyle or in a vibrant city for an action-packed adventure, there are still many things to consider:
    • Will your retirement income go as far in your new location?
    • Will you lose out on any benefits?
    • Will the free health provisions be as good as the UK?
    • How would you cope with different situations such as water shortages? Will you really miss PG Tips?
    Budget is rightly top of our list. Over a million British expats have their pension paid abroad, but it’s important to understand all your sources of income. Will you be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle in your desired location?
    Make sure you research the government benefits of your new destination, particularly for health care. Find out where you will get your health care and how it will be paid for.
    Don’t forget the legal requirements of your new destination, there may even be some exceptions for retirees. Research whether you need a visa or any other legal paperwork to live there. If you fancy Australia and are over 55, you could apply for a self-funded Investor Retirement visa. It’s temporary and will not lead to permanent residence, and you need to be able to make a long term financial investment in the country.
    New Zealand, on the other hand, doesn’t have an official retirement immigration category. However you may qualify for residency in a different grouping. If you do obtain residence there is no age limit on working. 
    British retirees in the USA can legally spend up to 90 days in the country without a visa, or 180 days with a visitor visa. If that’s not long enough, an investment in a small business or an E-2 visa will allow you to travel freely in and out of the ‘States. You can also stay on a continued basis with unlimited two year extensions.
    Once you’ve settled on a location, get in touch with Crown and we’ll be able to help you make your well earned retirement become a reality.
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