4 steps to relocating during a divorce

Two of the top five most stressful events in life are: (1) going through a divorce and (2) moving to a new home. 

Having to endure both at the same time can be incredibly challenging. That’s when a helpful, caring (emphasis on “caring”) service provider is not only helpful, but crucial.

Many families are already stressed due to family obligations, sports and work deadlines. Add the pitfalls, emotions, and pains of divorce to planning for a move and it all becomes overwhelming. Assets are divided and precious items—including children’s favorites—are moved to different homes, which can be hard for any children. An expert, compassionate mover can be invaluable during this emotional time.

Separate arrangements are often made to obtain estimates from as many as three separate moving companies for each partner. Instead of six different people trying to interpret everyone’s needs, a simpler solution is to use one company for both moves. This is where experienced professionals, such as Crown Relocations’ Chicago team, can be invaluable to both parties. These four steps help to simplify the process and ensure a smoother move for all:
  1. Consultation – A complimentary in-home consultation starts the process. The Crown consultant will arrive with sensitive ears and an open mind to understand the moving timelines and any unique criteria and details that may impact other family members.
  2. Move management plan – Crown creates a customized Move Management Plan for the parties to review and tweak as needed, understanding this can be a fluid time.  
  3. Dedicated move manager – A dedicated move manager ensures services are carried out with expert care and maintains personal communication to ensure things run smoothly.
  4. The move – The moves can be performed separately or a color-coded inventory can be used to properly move goods to their correct locations. In all cases, Crown will carry out the services with crew members that understand and are determined to ease the burden.

Crown Relocations has over 50 years’ experience in assisting families with expert listening, real solutions and services that make a difference in families’ lives, whether they’re relocating for new jobs or new lives.
Jamison Roudabush
General Manager

Jamison has been in the relocation industry since 1991. His experience includes residential and commercial sales, project management, supply chain solutions, customer service and sales. Jamison earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University. Jamison’s calm, insightful and thorough review of clients’ moving needs ensures that clients always know that they are the priority.