Are there any vaccinations I should get or other health precautions to take as I prepare for my move to your city?
Please check with the local Australian Consulate or Embassy to confirm medical requirements for entry into Australia.

Before I get sick, what should I know about seeking medical care in your city as an expat?
Medicare is a Government health insurance scheme that takes a percentage of annual taxable income from all employed persons in Australia. Medicare covers the cost associated with being treated as a public patient in a public hospital. To be treated as a private patient in a hospital, you will have to pay the associated costs or obtain private health insurance.

Medicare does NOT cover temporary residents in Australia and as expatriates are categorized as temporary residents, they will need to make alternate arrangements for health insurance. However, some countries do have a reciprocal agreement with the Australian government to provide emergency health care. If you are not certain of your eligibility for coverage, ascertain your visa status (that is the visa classification under which you entered Australia) and then contact a Medicare office to check your eligibility.

While private health insurance is not mandatory in Australia, it is strongly recommended.

What is the word for "doctor" in the local language?
Doctor (Medical Practitioner)

What is the best way to locate a suitable health care provider?
Telephone numbers for doctors may be found in the Yellow Pages telephone directory under M for Medical Practitioners.

Do expats in the area tend to leave the city/area/country to seek medical care? If so, why and where do they go?
Medical care and facilities are of an extremely high standard in Australia.

What is the number to call to summon help in an emergency? List medical/fire/police.
Emergency contact number, 24-hour service: 1800 022 222, or dial 000 for medical assistance, police or fire (life-threatening emergencies)

What do I do if there's an emergency in the middle of the night—or at another time when my normal doctor/clinic is unavailable?
Emergency contact number, 24-hour service: 1800 022 222

How will I recognize a pharmacy? What is it called in the local language?
Pharmacies or chemists are located in all suburban shopping localities.

Is the water safe to drink?
Yes, Perth has very good drinking water.