Tokyo Shopping

What are the items that I should bring with me because they’re not available (or are too expensive) where I am going?
Bed linens and towels are expensive, as are beds. You may want to bring your favorite toiletries or over-the-counter medications. (Please confirm with the Japanese embassy or consulate since some foreign medications are illegal in Japan or quantities may be restricted.)

Will anyone have particular trouble finding clothes that fit?
Clothing or shoes in larger sizes are difficult to find, although there are now more "Big and Tall" stores for men than in the past.

What grocery stores do expats in your city shop at?
Local grocery shops carry more international items. There are international grocery stores that are high end. Costco has stores in and around Tokyo. Mail-order services are available in English.

Where can other household items (such as cleaning materials and home furnishings) be found?
There is a wide variety of good cleaning products in the Japanese market. For foreign products, visit international grocery stores. Top brands home furnishings are readily available. Mid-range brands (Muji, IKEA, etc.) are popular.

What are factors that might affect my shopping habits in this country/city?
Prices are high and your choices may be different. Product information may be in Japanese only.

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