Why should studying abroad be on your Christmas wish list this year?

With more and more people deciding to move overseas, asking for a study abroad period during Christmas isn’t a usual request. Plenty of researches have shown the benefits of living abroad to grow not only as a person but also professionally. 

If you are still hesitating on whether or not, you should embark on an international experience, have a look at some of its benefits. After reading them, your doubts will disappear! 


1. Better (foreign) language skills

More often than not, people who move to another country will have to learn the local language. And practicing it daily – which means that after a while, you will be comfortable in most daily situations. 
Don’t forget that in a multicultural environment, being multilingual is only an advantage. 

2. Broader cultural understanding

Living in another country opens your horizons and exposes you to new concepts and ideas. You will go out of your comfort zones, and you might question some believes you have – but there’s nothing wrong with this! The more you experience, the more you know and the better prepared you are to live the life you want. 

3. Increased employability 

Flexibility, adaptability, emotional intelligence… As global business activity grows, organizations require people who are at ease in international settings. What can prepare you better then, than a stay abroad?