5 reasons to relocate to New Zealand this year

Here are just five of the great reasons why you would not regret a move to New Zealand.

Most of New Zealand is close to the coast, which means there will be a modest amount of rainfall, mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine. With an ample supply of beaches you’ll have no excuse but to try your hand at surfing. You could even go skiing, like Mt Ruapehu where you would be skiing over an active volcano!

Experience the great outdoors
The national parks of New Zealand make up a third of the country that's more than 30,000 square kilometres. So once you've arrived you'll have a vast amount of exploring to do and many new places to discover. You’ll be able to do this via air, car, foot , boat or bike.

Great drink options
New Zealand is home to many world renowned wineries, so for the wine drinker there will be a great selection to be had. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand is the best place for beer fans. There are over 15 craft beer bars and eight breweries for you to try. You will also find a great selection of independent coffee shops within the capital as well.

High quality of life
New Zealand is constantly ranking high in expat surveys for the quality of life that a move has given them. This year New Zealand came fourth in the Numbeo quality of life index. Which? uses user contributed data to rank countries based on things like the cost of living, health care, traffic and crime. As well as coming in second in the 2016 HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, one of the largest independent global expat surveys.

Great education opportunities
Anyone relocating to New Zealand with children can be assured that their education will be in safe hands. All eight of New Zealand’s universities were in the top 500 QS World University Rankings 2015/16. With over half in the top 250 universities ranked in the world. You can also be certain that you will be raising your children in a safe country, New Zealand was ranked the fourth safest country in the world in the 2016 Global Peace Index.