Canada seeks skilled immigrant workers

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot programme has recently been launched with the aim of attracting skilled immigrants to the Atlantic coast. Canada’s 2017 initiative to attract great international talent is heavily underway.

The Atlantic region of Canada is facing a pressing labour market need and hopes that this programme will help to address this. Businesses within the four Atlantic provinces that need skilled workers are being given the ability to fill their vacancies quickly through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot programme.

Under the scheme, international graduate students that have received a job offer from a designated employer, within one of the Atlantic provinces, along with an endorsement from that province, will be able to apply for permanent residence. You can begin your job search through the Canada visa job search tool.

So far 50 employers have been designated to take part and almost 200 have expressed an interest in the programme.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is currently accepting permanent residence applications for three programmes under the pilot: the Atlantic International Graduate Programme, the Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Programme; and the Atlantic High-Skilled Programme.

Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has said that up to 2,000 applications under the pilot will be processed in 2017 for applicants and their accompanying family members.

The initiative is part of a larger plan this year to welcome more skilled foreign workers to Canada and continue to grow their economy and meet the country's labour needs.

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