What types of schools do most expats in your city choose for their children?

Many expatriates choose to send their children to international schools rather than local schools.
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What are some examples of these schools?

The international schools available include:

  • The International School of Prague (ISP)

  • Riverside School

  • British International School

  • English International School

  • The Art of the French Institute

  • The German School

Do note: Riverside, British and English schools are based on British curriculum but the International School of Prague uses an American curriculum. For more information on these schools, please visit the websites below or contact Crown Prague.
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Is there a lot of competition for spots in local schools?

There is no competition for local schools in Prague. However, private and international schools have limited spaces available and you may be placed on a waiting list. It is important that you begin the application process as soon as possible. For further assistance contact Crown Prague.
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Are pre-schools also widely available (for children approx. 2 to 5 years old)?

Yes, preschools are widely available throughout Prague and many of the international schools offer preschool as well. For more information on the preschools available, check your local yellow pages or contact Crown Prague.
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How are most kids transported to and from school?

Children either ride on school buses to and from school, or many parents form car pools and take turns driving the children. There are also taxi drivers at the school and ample public transportation.
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When does the typical school year start and end?

The typical school year starts 1st of September and concludes at the end of June. International schools start in mid-August and finish mid-June.
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Is there anything else I should know about local schools?

If you are looking for a school that has a small population with a family environment, you should visit the Riverside school. If you prefer a bigger school, ISP has over 1,000 children.

We would recommend that you choose a school based on the area in which you live. If you decide to live in Prague 6 then ISP, the British School, or the Riverside School would be the closest ones to you. If you decide to live in Prague 4, you could also choose the British School or the English School. If you were to live in Prague 5 then the German School or French School would be the closest.
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