Doing more to make relocating simpler

Here are 20 of our hand-picked Top Relocation Tips, selected from among our experts - from move managers and movers to business leaders, dealing with everything from how to deal with carpet indentation to your wellness in your new home.

A Good Tape Measure

Before moving to a new residence, get yourself a durable tape measure. Size up the windows, walls, stairways and doorways. Avoid nasty surprises, make sure your furniture and other items can fit!

Contributed by: Nadine, Mobility Advisor, Hong Kong

Setting up Electronics

Electronics set up is a challenge. Before dismantling electronics, take a picture of your cables, this way you'll know how to reconnect all the cords and cables when you arrive. 

Contributed by: Lekha, Mobility Advisor, New Delhi

Fixing Furniture

If your wooden furniture has holes, cracks or grooves you can repair by applying a lump-free mixture of white glue and sawdust using a spatula. Almost good as new. 

Contributed by: Lesile, Mobility Advisor, Mexico City

Fixing Plastic

If a rigid piece of plastic breaks, you can fix it by applying super glue on both ends, sticking them together and immediately adding a dash of baking soda. 

Contributed by: Leslie, Mobility Advisor, Mexico City

Ice Cubes

Use an ice cube to remove any dents left in the carpet from where furniture was sitting. Great for leaving the home in the best possible shape for the new residents, and also for the home you’re moving into. 

Contributed by: Lesile, Residential Sales Consultant, New Zealand

Real Easy Bag

Before you set off. Pack a bag for night one in the new house with fresh linen, snacks and a set of clothes. Enough to get everyone fed, into a comfy bed and dressed the next day.  

Contributed by: Lisa, Relocation Consultant, Brisbane 

Travel Currency Card

Set up a travel currency card before leaving home country and easily access host country funds with minimal foreign exchange and withdrawal costs. Useful for personal (and work) expenses.

Contributed by: Phil, Global Director, Hong Kong

Fresh Freezers

When moving home, fridges and freezers tend to create a foul smell. Place a handful of teabags in the fridge and freezer compartment, this will ensure they arrive at destination with no bad smells while reducing moisture. 
Contributed by: Reihana, Workplace Supervisor, New Zealand

Recycling Batteries

Instead of throwing away batteries and electronics, find an electronics recycling centre a week prior to your relocation and dispose of there. Be environmentally friendly too! 

Contributed by: Pritha, Business Development Manager, India

Making use of art

When you arrive, hide thermostats, controllers or other odd fixtures in your living room by placing a painting/art using hinges, and settle into your more comfortable surroundings.  
Contributed by: Anthony, Sales Manager, India

Offline Maps

Online map services like Google Maps are great. Remember to download an offline version of your location just in case you don't have WiFi or mobile data when you arrive.  

Contributed by: Anthony, Sales Manager, India

Fixing Tiles

Tiles can crack when furniture or glass falls on it. Wait for the cracked area to dry and then apply nail polish remover, almost as good as new.

Rolling Pots

When trying to move awkward heavy items, like large flower pots, one option is to rock  the item onto a cloth blanket, then knot the corner to provide gripping points, then four people can assist in lifting. Simple as.  

Contributed by: Trevor, Operational Training Supervisor, London

Silica Gel

If fridges or freezers are going to be unused for any length of time, use silica gel pouches to prevent mold or mildew, if you do not have silica, instant coffee granules wrapped in tissue paper can be used to the same effect. Keeping everything clean and odorless!  

Doctor's Prescriptions

Take a photo of any doctors prescriptions you have, that way when you get to your new destination, you can share these with your new doctor with relative ease.

Contributed by: Kimberley, Customer Service Manager, London

Getting the Family Involved

Make one bucket list entry from each member of the family of something to do at your present location before you move and something new to do when you arrive at your new home.  You will create some final everlasting memories in your favourite places where you currently live and it will give you new adventures to look forward to in your new home.

Contributed by: Jenny, Assistant Move Manager, London   


Ensure you have enough supplies to cover your medication for a couple of months after your arrival so you do not need to worry about it whilst you settle in to your new home.  

Contributed by: Jenny, Assistant Move Manager, London


Do you need it.  Do you want it.  Do you love it… if you can’t answer yes, bin it!! Good for your wellbeing and clear fresh mind for your move knowing everything that arrives at your new home are things you actually need. 

Contributed by: Jenny, Assistant Move Manager, London 

De-Cluttering some more

Pile up all your unwanted goods ahead of the move date and do a car boot sale! You'll even make a bit of extra money in the process  

Contributed by: David, General Manager, London

Preserving memories

Have all your older previous family pictures in electronic format before your move begins to protect against any damage or loss that may occur to your hard copies during transit. Preserve your old memories.

Contributed by: Gary, Senior Manager, California 

Doing more to help you relocate with confidence

Moving home can be both exciting and daunting. However, when that move also involves relocating internationally, the stakes are even higher. We’ll of course do all we can to support the logistical and emotional needs of you and those moving with you. That’s why we’ve created our guide to helping you relocate with confidence, designed to help you go knowing and start living as soon as you arrive.