If you’re thinking of moving to the United States, then you’re not the only one with that thought in mind. 

Every year, thousands of people move to the land of hope and opportunity in a bid to fulfill their dreams and start a new life abroad.

So what makes the U.S. such a popular destination?

The vast size of the country means that no matter what you want from a city, you’re bound to find somewhere here to suit you. 

Whether it’s the non-stop lifestyle of New York, the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, or even the chilled-out beaches of Hawaii, you really can’t beat the U.S. when it comes to having something for everyone.

If you’re lucky enough to have skills that are in demand or can transfer to the States through an existing job, then you’ll be at a distinct advantage; otherwise, staying long term may be a little tougher.

You’ll need to do some research to find out which city is going to be best for you, but chances are for every one that doesn’t tick the boxes, at least another three will.

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