Relocating from France to Switzerland - work permits 2017

Are you planning this year a relocation from France to Switzerland for work reasons? If so, please review the visa contingents for 2017: The Swiss government has recently decided the quotas for highly qualified workers from non-European Union (EU)/European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) countries, as well as for assignees from EU/EFTA countries for the year 2017.
Quotas for highly qualified, non-EU/EFTA nationals have increased by 500 per category, compared to 2016. Quotas for assignees from EU/EFTA countries remain at the same level.
These visa quotas are imposed on a national basis rather than per company. They also apply to B permits, which are long-term residence permits, valid for up to five years and renewable.
Once the B permit quotas are reached, applicants are issued with L permits instead – valid for up to 12 months and convertible into a B permit after two years.
2017 quotas for non-EU/EFTA nationals
In 2017, companies in Switzerland can recruit foreign national specialists from non-EU/EFTA countries up to the following national quotas:
4,500 L permits
3,000 B permits
The increase in permits for non-EU/EFTA nationals follows complaints from some cantons that their quota has already been used up this year. However, the number of L and B work permits issued for non-EU/EFTA nationals in 2017 will still be 1,000 fewer than before the 2014 vote that called for a curb on foreign immigration.
2017 quotas for EU/EFTA nationals
Quotas for assignees from EU/EFTA countries to Switzerland for more than 90 and 120 days have remained the same as for 2016:
2,000 L permits
250 B permits