Time to move: Some packing tips

The relocation day (aka. The Big Day) is here. Do you still have to sort out your belongings and decide which ones to take? No need to stress yourself, with a little bit of time and organization you can still arrange your belongings making sure you don’t take anything unnecessary or, worse, that you forget something! 

Based on our years-long relocation experience, below you can find our best tips to organize and pack your belongings. 

1.    Think about what it is available in your destination 

Are you planning to take some summer clothes but you are relocating to a Nordic country? Do you want to take some Italian food, but maybe is also available in your new city? Avoid taking unnecessary items, by checking what it’s available in your new country and what it’s recommended to take according to the local weather conditions.

2.    Pack your suitcases first

Consider which things you need to take with you for the journey. Think about which objects you will need during the trip and during the first days in your new destination. If you are traveling with your children, consider adding some entertainment for the journey – games, books, films- to make the trip interesting and motivating. 

3.    Before the packers come…

Check all the furniture and objects that they will have to pack and transport. Is there anything valuable inside? Will you need anything of these things for your trip? Make sure that you have passports, money and other important documents with you as you might need them during the trip and during the first days in your new country.

4.    Let the packers pack. 

Avoid packing your belongings yourself. Expert packers will assist you and protect your furniture in a way that will minimize movement during the trip. Let them know the delicate items that you have, so they can pack them with additional protection.