Top packing questions answered

Packing your belongings for moving abroad is much more than putting them inside a box and ship them. Type of item, protection and many other things need to be thought over before choosing the right packing and shipment. We tell you the 3 packing must-knows any expat should know!

“I will never forget the moment I was told I got that job abroad. I was thrilled and excited about the upcoming opportunity – explains a current expat- however, I had never thought about what an international move really means until I started counting all the belongings I wanted to ship”.

Despite the uncluttering boom of nowadays –see the KonMari Method, for example-, people moving abroad still tend to underestimate the number of possessions they have. However, when the moment of planning a move abroad comes, this comes to live.

“How I am going to pack all this? Should I leave anything? These things bring me some precious memories – they can’t be broken!”. These and many other questions might come to your mind at the moment of planning the packing and international shipment of your belongings. And it isn’t strange – they are valuable and sometimes irreplaceable, elements of your life.

If you are in the search of some packing guidance, you have come to the right place. Here the most common packing questions among expats – and their answers!


1.    Can I pack my own possessions?packing your belongings

For security reasons, many countries no longer accept shipments that are packed by the owner. In these cases, counting with the help of a moving company experienced in international shipments is the best solution. In addition to this, it’s worth to double check with your insurance the conditions of your transit protection. It might be possible, that any damage incurred to items you packed yourself may not be covered.



2.    Are any items prohibited from my shipment?

Each country has its own restrictions; but as a general rule, the following items should not be included in your shipment:

•    Alcohol

•    Firearms and ammunition

•    Foodstuffs, including herbs and spices

•    Hazardous items (including adhesives, ammonia, bleaches, chlorine, detergents, disinfectants, dyes, flammables, gas cylinders, insecticides, mercury thermometers, methylated spirits, paints, pesticides, photographic chemicals, pressure packs, thinners)

•    Items made from endangered animals

•    Unprocessed furs, skins

•    Plants, dried flowers, bulbs, seeds

•    Pornographic material

•    Soil or sand of any kind

•    Swords, spears, switchblades.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Contact your destination country immigration services for more information or get in touch with one of consultants – they will advise you on packing, shipping items and more for your particular destination.


3. Do I need to do anything to prepare for the packing day?

Before the packing starts, and especially before the moving team arrives, you should:

•    Dispose of any items you do not wish to take with you.

•    Clear out the garage, attic, and basement.

•    Disconnect and defrost refrigerators and freezers.

•    Drain washing machine.

•    Remove fixtures and fittings from walls.

•    Thoroughly clean all outdoor equipment.

Remember to keep separate any items you will need to take with you when traveling, including identification or passports, money, travel documents, important paperwork, jewelry, valuables, and suitcases.


Do you have other questions? Contact our Crown Relocations, they will guide through the international shipment process. 

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