Moving home? – Save on money transfers when moving abroad
Moneycorp is a global foreign exchange company offering payment services and money transfer guidance for individuals and corporate customers alike. This Crown Relocations Recommended Partner operates internationally, offering a range of foreign exchange online solutions that allow you to make overseas money transfers in more than 120 different currencies over the phone, to more than 190 countries.   
You can also send payments in 30+ currencies online money transfer via the user friendly online platform. You can open a FREE foreign exchange account with no transfer fees and enjoy a range of the best Foreign Exchange solutions, tailored to your specific needs with the help of the dedicated team.
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Why is moneycorp the best money transfer company?

With a Platinum Trusted Service Award 2022 from independent review site Feefo and 40 years of experience in the industry, Crown Relocations has been recommending this service for more than 15 years. During this time, they have helped thousands of customers planning the best way to move their funds when moving to another country.   

Benefits of using Moneycorp Foreign Exchange & Money Transfer

  1. Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates
  2. A dedicated market specialist, providing you with free guidance & different ways ahead of your move 
  3. Ability to hold funds in the local currency removing need to open a local bank account
  4. Straight forward process to open account with no cost or obligation

Global Foreign Exchange solutions

With this Crown Relocations Recommended Partner you are allocated to a personal currency specialist who will discuss your personal circumstances and payment requirements, to provide you with different ways to exchange your funds on preparation for your move.  
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What Moneycorp can do for you?

Lock in a rate ahead of your move!

You can lock in an exchange rate for up to two years via a forward contract. This can be a perfect tool if you want to take advantage of a rate movement ahead of your relocation.  

Target a desired rate ahead of your move!

You can even target a desired rate of exchange through a market order. This will allow you to request your money is exchanged once the exchange rate reaches your desired rate, without having to keep an eye on the market.  

Use your currency account to make payments and track a rate!

Furthermore, with your Moneycorp account you have access to a multicurrency facility that allows you to hold funds in different denominations which could be quite handy when you don’t have a local bank account in the country when you are moving.  

Once your account is set up, you can transfer money 24/7 via a secure online platform, meaning you can make payments around the clock. 

How to open a free account?

Whether it's relocating to a new country, buying a holiday home, converting your salary, sending money to family or paying for your dream wedding abroad, our award-winning service delivers your money quickly and safely.

Some of the benefits of a Personal account with this Crown Relocations partner are:
Access your funds 24/7, ensuring you can get to your money whenever you need to.  
Your point of contact who will provide guidance on your payments, update on the market and support you with making your transfers.  
Set up a recurring international transfer, ideal for pension payments, sending your salary home or paying for bills/living costs 
Offer a variety of tools to manage your payments effectively. 
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Moneycorp Money Transfer App

With the Moneycorp international money transfer app, you can get your money where they have to be. Offering International money transfer payments and foreign exchange currency at your fingertips, on your smart phone, anytime, anywhere with data connection.

The Moneycorp app is easy to use to make international money transfers, simply sign up for Free in the app and you are ready to go.

App Features:
All major currencies, like Pound (£), Dollar ($), or Euros (€) with just a few taps of the fingers
Send money from anywhere and access to competitive foreign exchange rates. 
With the moneycorp app, you can check the balance of your International Money Transfer account
Receive daily market updates via SMS or email, to stay informed on the latest foreign currency exchange rate developments. 
You can download the Moneycorp app from the Apple Store for iPhone users, or download from the Google Play Store for Android Smart Phone users