Be it skiing in British Columbia, golfing in Saskatchewan or harvesting maple syrup in Québec, Canada’s diversity and beauty never fails to astound. Its 10 provinces and 3 territories span from the Atlantic across to the Pacific and up to the Arctic Ocean, making it the world’s second largest country by land mass.

Canada’s beauty unfolds from the magnificent beaches and bays of the East Coast, through its ultra hip, cosmopolitan central cities of Toronto, Ottowa and Montreal, right up to the North - the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut - where white wolves, polar bears, and caribou migrations reign supreme.

Canada is one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries in the world. It is officially bilingual and multicultural at the Federal level. Canada’s education system is second to none; in 2012 it ranked first in the OECD Education Indicators for its proportion of tertiary educated adults. Endowed with abundant natural resources and a highly educated workforce, Canada’s economy is one of the strongest performing in the world. 

In recent years, Canada has become a popular destination for people who are considering moving abroad. 

Although it may seem to sit in the shadow of its larger neighbor, the United States, it certainly has plenty to offer those who want to start a new life overseas.

So why exactly should you be thinking about moving to Canada?

Whether you’re moving with your family or on your own, for a new job or for lifestyle reasons, at least one of Canada’s cities is likely to suit you. 

The country is familiar enough to make the prospect of moving there less scary, but in many cities the French influence provides an exotic flair that makes it just that much different from places like the UK, for example.

Canada also has a justifiable reputation for providing the best the outdoors has to offer. Vast expanses of greenery provide the backdrop for some gorgeous scenery and mean that if you do move there you would never be short of something to do on the weekends. Hiking, biking, skiing, ice skating and camping are just some of the things you could fill your time with.

Most people who move to Canada choose to live in one of the main cities—Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa or Montreal—and each has their own unique personality. Now you just need to determine which one is going to suit you.

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